Signs you should seek care from a cutaneous lymphoma specialist

Make an appointment to consult with a dermatologist or medical oncologist from the Institute if:

  • You have skin problems that won’t go away. The visible signs of cutaneous lymphoma vary from person to person. However, they often include small, pimply bumps; scaly, reddened patches; thick, raised lesions; and a red rash that can appear anywhere on the body. You may also have severe itching.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with a skin condition, but treatments haven’t helped. In its early stages, cutaneous lymphoma can be misdiagnosed as noncancerous skin conditions like eczema or ringworm. But the treatments for these conditions won’t work for cutaneous lymphoma. In fact, your symptoms will continue to get worse.
  • You’ve developed added symptoms you can’t explain. Because some types of cutaneous lymphoma spread from your skin to your lymph system, you should seek care if you have skin problems plus more traditional signs of lymphoma. These signs include swollen lymph nodes, fevers and unexplained weight loss.

Unlike most other types of cancer, cutaneous lymphoma acts like a chronic disease. We can’t cure it, but with proper treatment we can control it.

Acreditado por la FACT

Acreditado por la FACT

Miami Cancer Institute, parte de Baptist Health South Florida, se complace en comunicar que el Programa de Trasplante de Células Madre de Sangre y Médula Ósea está totalmente acreditado por la FACT para trasplantes de células madre y terapias celulares. Esta acreditación nos otorga reconocimiento nacional como programa certificado para realizar trasplantes de células madre y tratamientos celulares como las terapias de células T con receptor de antígeno quimérico en nuestro Instituto. Además, gracias a este reconocimiento nuestro equipo puede obtener la cobertura completa de las compañías de seguro para estos procedimientos. Para obtener más información sobre la acreditación FACT, visite el siguiente enlace.

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