Early Detection

An important step to reducing your risk of cancer and staying healthy is by getting your recommended screenings.

Newly Diagnosed

Miami Cancer Institute is here to help you every step of the way after a cancer diagnosis.
  • What Makes Us Better?

    No other cancer program in the region has the cancer-fighting expertise, backed by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance, paired with the innovative technology — including advanced genomic testing, advanced skin cancer detection and proton therapy — that is available at Miami Cancer Institute. We uncover what’s driving your cancer and deliver precise and effective treatments.
  • Expertise With Your Cancer

    At Miami Cancer Institute, molecular diagnostics are used to fully understand the molecular makeup of a patient’s cancer, which helps our experts create personalized and targeted treatment plans. Unmatched in South Florida, our Institute is at the forefront of cancer treatment and prevention, with its use of molecular diagnostics and genetic risk assessment. With a full understanding of the genomic architecture behind each cancer, we’re able to successfully leverage our precision therapies and provide better outcomes.
Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Miami Cancer Institute can provide access to clinical trials not widely available elsewhere. Clinical trials find new ways to treat and diagnose cancer and are ongoing. If an appropriate trial is available, we will talk to you about the benefits and risks.

The meaning of compassionate care

The meaning of compassionate care

At Miami Cancer Institute, we understand that the true definition of compassionate care is that nothing is more important than the patient sitting in front of you. We are ready to care for you.

Physician Spotlight

Physician Spotlight

Peter J. DeMaria, M.D., is a board-certified medical oncologist at Baptist Health and speaks fluent English and Spanish.

At Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute, Dr. DeMaria is responsible for developing and overseeing a portfolio of clinical studies of novel cancer therapies that are in the early stages of development.

As a Miami native, he is excited to be part of a program at Baptist Health that provides additional local options for cancer patients in South Florida who have exhausted standard-of-care treatment and want to participate in clinical trials of investigational cancer therapies.

Dr. DeMaria believes that while clinical trials are designed to answer important questions in the development of new cancer therapies, they provide hope to patients with limited available treatment options. As a cancer physician, he values the vital role he is afforded as a communicator, educator and guide during a difficult and challenging time in the lives of his patients and their families.

In his free time, Dr. DeMaria enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, boating, skiing and traveling to experience new places and people.

A Breakthrough in Collaborative Care

A Breakthrough in Collaborative Care

As Florida's only member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance, Miami Cancer Institute is part of a deep and functional collaboration that affords patients access to innovative treatments right here at home and ensures that the standards of care developed by our multidisciplinary disease management team match those at MSK.

Best Cancer Hospital

Miami Cancer Institute was recognized as a top 3 Best Cancer Hospital in the South Florida region by U.S. News & World Report.

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