Brain, spinal cord and other central nervous system (CNS) cancers can be complex and challenging to treat. The CNS cancer specialists at Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida meet the challenge every day. They work together to deliver effective, innovative brain tumor care to the people of South Florida, Latin American, the Caribbean and beyond.

At Miami Cancer Institute, you have access to the most advanced therapies, including new treatment options through clinical trials. You are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of physicians that includes neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuroradiologists, neuropathologists, physiatrists and palliative medicine specialists. The joint efforts of these specialists mean you receive the most complete brain tumor care that considers all options.

The many different types of brain tumors affect the brain and body in different ways. Our specialists tailor your treatment to your specific condition. Their goal is to provide the right therapy that also protects your physical and cognitive function.

  • 80,000

    New cases of primary tumors expected to be diagnosed this year according to the American Cancer Society
  • 32%

    Approximate amount of malignant brain and CNS tumors according to the American Cancer Society
Tumor Board

Tumor Board

A multidisciplinary team of cancer experts including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic reconstructive surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, genetic counselors, medical geneticists, social workers, patient navigators and clinical trials staff meet weekly to discuss select complex cases and determine the best course of care.

"Dr. Siomin has saved my life twice. I truly believe if it wasn't for his care, expertise, knowledge and following up with me, I may not be writing this. Dr. Siomin visited me daily to check on me after my surgery. During all of our consultations with him, he actually sat down with my wife and me and thoroughly went over and answered all our questions and concerns, often explaining issues that we had not thought of. Dr. Siomin also gave us a game plan to follow for recovery. I cannot be more grateful to him and I’m so glad we decided to have my surgeries performed by him."

Miami Cancer Institute

Who are the experts on Brain Cancer and Central Nervous System Tumors?

With highly advanced training and years of experience treating Brain Cancer and nervous system conditions, your Brain Cancer treatment team at the Institute includes neuro-oncologists, surgical oncologists who specialize in neurosurgery, and radiation oncologists. This team of specialists works together to give you comprehensive, personalized care through our multidisciplinary brain and spine tumor clinic, where you can see these doctors in one convenient appointment.


Medical Oncologist

Radiation Oncologists

Neuro Oncologists

Multidisciplinary Team

Multidisciplinary Team

At Miami Cancer Institute, you have access to the most-advanced therapies available and are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of physicians that includes neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuroradiologists, pathologists, physiatrists and palliative medicine specialists. Most patients are able to see their multidisciplinary team during one visit to MCI.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Miami Cancer Institute can provide access to clinical trials not widely available elsewhere. Clinical trials find new ways to treat and diagnose cancer and are ongoing. If an appropriate trial is available, we will talk to you about the benefits and risks.

South Florida’s First Proton Therapy Center

Proton therapy is a highly specialized treatment that directs proton particles toward tumors. The goal of treatment is to destroy cancer cells while largely sparing healthy tissue and decreasing the risk of side effects. This sophisticated therapy is used only for certain types of cancers and in a limited number of people.

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