The specialists at Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida use precise diagnostic imaging and the latest treatment techniques to treat acoustic neuroma safely and effectively.

Alternative Text Your multidisciplinary care team works together to develop a proper treatment plan for your specific condition. Their goal is to improve your symptoms while protecting nerve and brain function.

What is acoustic neuroma?

Acoustic neuroma is a condition in which a benign (noncancerous) tumor grows on the vestibulocochlear nerve – the nerve that begins in the inner ear as the vestibular and cochlear nerves and ends in the brainstem. This nerve is responsible for conveying balance and sound information from your ear to your brain.

Acoustic neuroma tumors typically grow slowly and do not spread to surrounding tissue. They begin in Schwann cells, which make a substance called myelin that insulates nerve fibers and helps nerve impulses transmit faster.

Another name for vestibular schwannoma is acoustic neuroma. It is a type of primary brain tumor.

What are the risk factors for acoustic neuroma?

There are no known risk factors for acoustic neuroma. However, some people with neurofibromatosis type 2 can very rarely develop the condition in both ears.

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