The central nervous system (CNS) tumor specialists at Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida collaborate to provide safe, advanced metastatic brain and spine tumor treatment. With access to leading-edge diagnostic technologies and advanced knowledge in the latest brain cancer therapies, they have the ability to find and remove brain tumors while protecting healthy brain tissue.

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Your treatment at Miami Cancer Institute is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. They are committed to giving you whole-patient care, including restorative rehabilitation services and access to new therapies through clinical trials when appropriate. Their goal is to provide accurate metastatic brain and spine tumor care while protecting your physical and cognitive function.

What are metastatic brain and spine tumors?

Also called secondary brain and spinal cord cancer, brain and spinal cord metastases begin as cancer in another part of the body. Most brain and spinal cord metastases develop in the cerebral cortex, which plays a role in consciousness, memory, perception and language.

About 15 percent of metastatic CNS tumors form in the cerebellum, which is in control of voluntary muscle movements, and 5 percent form in the brain stem, where eye movements, facial expressions and vital functions like breathing are controlled.

Metastatic CNS tumors are much more common than tumors that begin in the brain – called primary brain tumors.

What are the risk factors for metastatic brain and spine tumors?

Although anyone with cancer is at risk for metastatic brain and spine tumors (secondary brain and spinal cord cancer), the condition is more common in people with:

Almost 50 percent of brain metastases cases occur in people with lung cancer.

“We are unraveling a number of molecular markers that have key clinical information that is relevant for decision making and that is driving the shift in molecular marker-based classification of brain tumors.”

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