Most parathyroid tumors are noncancerous, but they may still cause troublesome health problems and require treatment. Our team is experienced in diagnosing, evaluating and treating parathyroid tumors, and helping you overcome related health problems. 

What are parathyroid tumors?

A parathyroid tumor is a growth in one of the parathyroid glands, four small, pea-sized glands near the thyroid gland. Most of these growths are noncancerous, but even noncancerous parathyroid tumors can cause primary hyperparathyroidism, an excess of parathyroid hormone (PTH) that can lead to hypercalcemia, bone fractures, kidney stones, depression and other health problems.

Medical illustraion of causes of primary hyperparathyroidism.

What are the types of parathyroid tumors?

Most parathyroid tumors are noncancerous parathyroid adenomas. Enlargement of all of the parathyroid glands can also occur. Parathyroid cancer is very rare.

What are the risk factors for parathyroid tumors?

An inherited condition known as multiple endocrine neoplasia may raise an individual’s risk for benign parathyroid tumors. If you have a family history of parathyroid tumors, you may have this condition. Radiation exposure is another risk factor for the development of parathyroid tumors. 

What can you do to prevent parathyroid tumors?

Because family history is a positive risk factor, genetic counseling plays a role for families with hereditary endocrine syndromes. It is also advisable to minimize radiation exposure to the head and neck, especially for children.

"Besides having many skills, Dr. Udelsman is just a kind and compassionate person and he listens to you,” she says. “My advice to anyone who wants to consider this surgery is to have a consult with Dr. Udelsman."

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