Miami Cancer Institute’s renowned gastrointestinal cancer specialists combine medical expertise and compassionate care to provide the best treatment options for our patients. Our physicians use a range of innovative technologies to diagnose and treat your appendiceal cancer, with the goal of creating a personalized plan that effectively treats your disease.

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Our multidisciplinary team consists of internationally renowned oncologists who provide diagnosis, treatment and whole-patient care. Each individualized care plan includes innovative treatments and services, such as nutritional advice, physical rehabilitation and pain management, to address your whole journey as a patient. Not only do we focus on the treatment that is right for your cancer, we focus on the treatment that is right for you as a patient.

What is appendix cancer?

Appendix cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancerous) cells are found in the tissue of the appendix. Appendix cancer is extremely rare and is often hard to detect.

The appendix is a small organ located in the lower right abdomen. Doctors are not sure what the appendix does and humans can live without the organ. The appendix is usually removed when there are signs of infection or swelling.

Medical illustration of anatomy of the appendix.

What are the types of appendix cancer?

There are two main types of appendiceal cancer. Carcinoid tumors are the most common cancers to affect the appendix and are usually found at the tip of the appendix. Carcinoid tumors usually have no symptoms, so they are often found after doctors remove the organ.

Carcinoid tumors are a type of gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumor.

The other type of appendix cancer is a carcinoma. Carcinomas in the appendix include:

  • Mucinous adenocarcinoma – These are the second-most common form of appendiceal cancer. They are usually found after they have spread outside the appendix.
  • Goblet cell carcinoids – These are similar to mucinous adenocarcinomas.
  • Intestinal-type adenocarcinoma – These tumors often cause symptoms similar to colorectal cancer. They are usually found near the bottom of the appendix.
  • Signet-ring adenocarcinoma – This is a rare and aggressive form of appendiceal cancer that often causes appendicitis.

What are the risk factors for appendix cancer?

Doctors do not know the cause of appendix cancer. Older age is the only consistent risk factor that has been found in appendix cancer cases.

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