We see people from all over Florida — and beyond — who are seeking cutaneous lymphoma care. We also treat patients whose physicians recommend they receive their care here.

We’re known for providing:

  • Team-based care. Most people with cutaneous lymphoma need several different treatments to manage their condition — and these treatments must be performed or prescribed by different specialists. Here at the Institute, you’ll find all the specialists and services you need under one roof. Our team includes medical oncologists, dermatologists, radiation oncologists and more. We work together to make sure you receive the safest, most effective treatments available.
  • Diagnostic expertise. Our team includes dermatologists with special expertise in identifying rashes, and surgeons who perform biopsies (removing tissue or fluid to examine under a microscope). For example, we can perform a skin biopsy, bone marrow biopsy or lymph node biopsy — or a combination of all three. We also have pathologists experienced in reading these biopsies and pinpointing the type of cutaneous lymphoma you have.
  • Pharmacy support. We have the expertise it takes to recommend, dispense and help you manage the various medicines for cutaneous lymphoma (most of which you won’t find at the usual retail pharmacies). For example, our medical oncologists are skilled at choosing the right therapy for the right patient. Our pharmacists have a deep understanding of these medications and can teach you about side effects or complications. They can also work with your health insurance provider to make sure you’re covered before you start using them.

Survivorship Program

With an emphasis on healing, recovery, wellness and disease prevention, Miami Cancer Institute’s Survivorship Program team is right there with you as you move into the next phase of your life.

Hilton Miami Dadeland Hotel

Hilton Miami Dadeland Hotel

Hilton Miami Dadeland is located right on the Baptist Hospital campus. It is a full-service hotel offering signature services of Hilton Hotels & Resorts with a distinct focus on wellness. Its central location offers patients and their families a convenient, comfortable place to stay while receiving medical care at any of Baptist Health's facilities.

Ringing of the bell

A bright silver bell hangs in the lobby of Miami Cancer Institute. The ringing of the bell signals the end of active treatment. This tradition was started by rear admiral in the U.S. Navy, Irve Le Moyne, who was undergoing radiation for head and neck cancer. He planned to follow a Navy tradition of ringing a bell to signify “when the job was done.” Now nearly all facilities have a similar bell that patients can ring to mark the end of treatment.

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