What are the symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma?

Squamous cell carcinoma symptoms can be unnoticeable (also called asymptomatic), however, if you notice unusual changes to your skin, especially those that last longer than two weeks, it’s important to get screened. Having signs or symptoms does not necessarily mean you have squamous cell carcinoma, but if you are diagnosed with the disease and it is detected early, it is highly treatable and curable.

One of the signs of squamous cell carcinoma is a bump on the skin that is reddish or brownish and can be scaly, itchy or painful. It can also appear as a sore that doesn’t heal. If you notice any change in the appearance of your skin, check with your primary care doctor or dermatologist.

How is squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed?

At Miami Cancer Institute, our internationally recognized skin cancer specialists have formed a multidisciplinary team to provide you with the most advanced screenings and comprehensive diagnostics available today – all under one roof and all conveniently located in South Florida.

Our goal is to diagnose and treat skin cancer lesions and evolving skin cancers in the earliest stages when they can be treated (and often cured) in a comfortable, state-of-the-art outpatient setting.

When you’re screened at Miami Cancer Institute, our multidisciplinary experts use a variety of personalized tests depending on what’s right for you. This can include:

  • Biopsy to examine tumor tissues to determine the specific kind of cancer present.
  • A non-invasive imaging test that uses a low-power laser, without radiation or harm to your skin, to determine whether a biopsy of the skin is necessary. This advanced technology, known as Reflectance Confocal Microscopy (RCM), is especially helpful in cosmetically sensitive or hard-to-reach areas, where a biopsy may be damaging or hard to obtain.
  • Vectra 3D Whole Body Photo-Imaging creates a 360-degree, three-dimensional photographic model of your entire body in seconds, without radiation. Using 92 cameras, the quick scan captures a series of images that allows us to map and analyze your skin. The image shows the number of moles, their location on the body, their color and size and can be used to monitor changes that may indicate the development of skin cancer. Armed with this information, our multidisciplinary team can act early to prevent the spread of the cancer.

We also offer convenient same-day appointments with all members of the multidisciplinary team to design and deliver a personalized, comprehensive care plan for each patient.

FACT Accredited

FACT Accredited

Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute is proud that our Blood & Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Program is fully FACT Accredited for stem cell transplants and cellular therapies.

This accreditation means we are certified to perform stem cell transplants and cellular therapies such as CAR T-cell therapies within our Institute. Additionally, this recognition allows our team to obtain full insurance coverage for these procedures from all providers. For more information on FACT Accreditation, you can visit the foundation’s website.

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