Neuroblastoma is highly treatable but can be deadly, so prompt diagnosis and treatment is critical. Miami Cancer Institute is in your corner. We’ll work with you to create a treatment plan specific to our child’s needs, and provide vital support services for your child and family. As Florida’s only member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Alliance, Miami Cancer Institute can provide access to extensive experience in treating neuroblastoma. Our pediatric cancer care team is experienced in working with children and families affected by rare and serious diseases, and we offer child-friendly care and support in a nurturing, nonthreatening environment. We also partner with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to provide a comprehensive suite of pediatric specialty services, as needed, for our patients.

What is neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is the most common solid tumor cancer in infants and may be present at birth. Most children are diagnosed before the age of 5. It can begin in the nerve tissues of the chest, pelvis, neck or abdomen, but is most commonly found in the tissues of adrenal glands. These glands sit atop the kidneys and secrete hormones and chemicals that control the kidneys, heart, immune system and the growth of reproductive organs. Neuroblastoma can spread quickly to other areas, such as the lymph nodes, bones, bone marrow, lungs and liver.

Medical illustration of the thorax.

What are the risk factors for neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is most common in children between ages 1 and 2, and about 90 percent of cases are diagnosed before age 5. Heredity may be a risk factor, as one to two percent of cases seem to result from a gene inherited from a parent.

What can you do to prevent neuroblastoma?

Because the known risk factors are not preventable, there are no recommended lifestyle changes to prevent neuroblastoma.

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