Most children can retain all or most of their vision and life full lives after retinoblastoma. Your child may need to take certain steps for protection. Protective eyewear is recommended for children with poor vision in one eye or whose eye has been removed. We will make sure you understand what kind of protection is best for different activities, including sports. Sunglasses are also important to prevent further damage.

Follow-up appointments with an ophthalmologist and a pediatric oncologist are critical. The follow-up care plan will depend on your child’s age, the risk of new tumors, whether one or both eyes are involved, and the treatment your child received.

We will also help your child and family cope with any vision loss resulting from the disease or its treatment. Our social workers provide counseling, offer information and support, and can guide you to other resources. Child life specialists and other professionals work together to meet your child’s needs beyond treatment. You can call your child’s nurse with questions between visits, and you and your family will have access to our Pediatric Support Center.

Survivorship Program

With an emphasis on healing, recovery, wellness and disease prevention, Miami Cancer Institute’s Survivorship Program team is right there with you as you move into the next phase of your life.

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