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If you have cancer in a hard-to-reach location next to vital organs, then you need the most precise and accurate radiation therapy available.

Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute is one of the first adopters in the world of the ViewRay™ MRIdian Linac. This state-of-the-art radiation therapy system is the first to use advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), providing unparalleled visualization of the tumor and nearby organs before and during treatment.

The radiation oncology team at Miami Cancer Institute is recognized as an international leader for the MRIdian Linac and routinely draws patients seeking their expertise from across the United States and beyond. 

We treat our valiant patients in the Valiant ViewRay™ MRIdian MR Linac Therapy Treatment Room, so named to celebrate their spirit, courage and determination to win their battle with cancer.

MRIdian fights your cancer with unrivaled accuracy

Breathing can significantly move tumors in the chest and abdomen while tumors in the pelvis may be displaced during treatment due to bladder and rectum changes. Accounting for these position changes during radiation therapy is difficult on other radiation systems that are incapable of imaging inside the body during treatment— sometimes resulting in severe side effects.

The MRIdian Linac provides continuous imaging of the tumor and nearby organs throughout treatment and can pause treatment if the tumor moves millimeters out of the correct position. This provides unprecedented safety for the patient and the best opportunity to eliminate the tumor.

The MRIdian Linac is also the first advanced radiation delivery system that provides doctors the ability to adapt the radiation treatment each day so that the high dose is delivered only to the tumor even if the tumor size changed or nearby organs shifted position.

The sophisticated capabilities of the MRIdian Linac allow delivery of significantly higher radiation doses in as few as one to five treatments to even large tumors compared to what is safe using other radiation devices. The noninvasive, outpatient treatment usually lasts less than 45 minutes a day and does not require anesthesia.

Our radiation oncology expertise helps people live better, longer

Our expert radiation oncology team has successfully treated hundreds of patients since 2018 using advanced MRI-guided radiation therapy. We have successfully treated many hard-to-reach tumors that may be inoperable, including cancers of the brain, lung, esophagus, pancreas, adrenal gland, liver, bladder and prostate with most patients have little to no side effects.

By the Numbers

Unlike conventional treatment, MRI-guided radiation offered by MRIdian Linac provides real-time visualization of the tumor and extremely precise treatment despite the heavy doses of radiation – with virtually no side effects to the patient.

5 years The MRIdian Linac Therapy has been available at the Institute for five years, providing the most precise radiation treatment for more than 700 cancer patients.
1-5 days frequently can be completed in only 1-5 days compared to over several weeks using other treatment devices.
2nd cancer institute in the U.S. to treat patients with the MRIdian Linac, the first FDA-approved MR-guided radiation therapy system.
40-50% reduction in treatment times for some patients.
Advanced MRIdian Linac Guided Radiation Therapy Program Marks 5th Year at Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute

Advanced MRIdian Linac Guided Radiation Therapy Program Marks 5th Year at Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute

Recently celebrating its five-year anniversary treating with the MRIdian Linac, the Institute has become widely recognized as an international leader in MR-guided radiation therapy, known for successfully treating the most challenging tumors including those that typically do not respond to standard doses of radiation.

Meet Our Experts

“Treatment was exceptionally well-tolerated, despite the exceptionally high dose, which was made possible by the advanced features of MRIdian. It was also encouraging that patients themselves reported that the high-dose radiation therapy did not negatively impact their quality of life.”
"A significant number of our patients have surpassed the expected survival for this deadly disease, with many alive several years after their initial diagnosis,” said Michael Chuong, M.D., director of MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy at the Institute and a radiation oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal cancers.
Pioneer in MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy

Pioneer in MRIdian Linac Guided Radiation Therapy

In April 2018, Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute became one of the first centers in the world to treat patients with the ViewRay™ MRIdian Linac, the first FDA-cleared MR (magnetic resonance)-guided radiation therapy system.

Cutting-Edge Treatment In One Place

Cutting-Edge Treatment In One Place

Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute offers one of the world’s most comprehensive and advanced radiation oncology programs, including South Florida’s first proton therapy center. We are the only cancer center in the world to offer all the latest radiation therapies in one place, enabling us to choose the treatment that’s right for you.

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