The first site in the southern United States and one of only a few in the country to offer this extremely advanced form of radiation therapy, Miami Cancer Institute and our team of world-renowned experts offer ViewRay™ MRIdian MR Linac Therapy, the first FDA-cleared MR-guided radiation therapy system.

This treatment provides a novel combination of simultaneous radiation delivery with continuous magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, which helps the Institute’s specialists and subspecialists offer the most advanced treatment based on real-time visualization of the tumor. What does that mean? Even more accuracy than ever before, especially when treating tumors in the chest and abdomen, which move as part of a patient’s normal breathing pattern and motion (for example, in patients with lung, liver or pancreatic tumors).

Image of ViewRay MRIdian MR Linac Therapy device.

Additionally, these experts can further personalize each patient’s treatment based on changes in tumor shape or location as well as on changes that may occur in surrounding tissues – either on a daily or treatment-by-treatment basis.

To find out if MRIdian MR Linac Therapy may be the right therapy for you, your Miami Cancer Institute team of experts will discuss all of your treatment options with you in person.

For this therapy, patients are treated in the state-of-the-art Valiant ViewRay MRIdian MR Linac Therapy Treatment Room, named to recognize the spirit of our patients.

A significant number of our patients have surpassed the expected survival for this deadly disease, with many alive several years after their initial diagnosis,” said Michael Chuong, M.D., director of MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy at the Institute and a radiation oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal cancers.
Photo of Michael Chuong, M.D.
Michael Chuong, M.D. MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy
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Cutting Edge Treatment In One Place

Cutting Edge Treatment In One Place

Miami Cancer Institute offers one of the world’s most comprehensive and advanced radiation oncology programs, including South Florida’s first proton therapy center. We are the only cancer center in the world to offer all of the latest radiation therapies in one place, which enables us to choose what treatment is right for you.

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