The internationally acclaimed radiation oncology team at Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute offers a highly advanced radiation treatment called Radixact™ TomoTherapy. It was the first dedicated image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) delivery technology.

In fact, our team of specialists participated in the initial clinical development and launch of this advanced technology. Our facility and experts are now considered a global showcase site for this form of radiation therapy.

How Radixact TomoTherapy Works

Before radiation treatment, our team will bring you in for a CT scan to map the specific region of treatment in your body. Radiation oncology experts will then combine precise 3D imaging with highly targeted radiation beams.

Radixact TomoTherapy is a treatment machine that delivers radiation from 360 degrees around the patient’s body while the treatment table moves, like the motion of a CT scan. You will lie on a table, which moves into an opening in the machine, and Radixact directs a thin radiation beam to target a tumor. This technology enables us to deliver doses with precision and accuracy for all tumors and is especially efficient in delivering dose to very long tumors.

Radixact TomoTherapy integrates treatment planning, the patient’s body positioning and treatment delivery — all with one highly advanced machine. This integration makes treatment extraordinarily streamlined and efficient.

Find the Right Radiation Treatment for You

Your Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute team of experts will discuss which therapy best suits your needs. If you receive Radixact TomoTherapy, it will be in our Inspire Treatment Room, designed to provide inspiration and hope to everyone.

The cost of Radixact TomoTherapy will depend on your insurance. Our Preregistration and Authorization Department will work with you to understand your coverage and any out-of-pocket costs.

Have Questions? We're Here to Help.

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, would like information about this or other radiation oncology programs, or would like a referral to our program, please give us a call.

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