Imagine a tumor no larger than a few millimeters wide – about the size of a pencil tip. That’s where TrueBeam™ Radiotherapy – in the hands of Miami Cancer Institute’s internationally acclaimed Radiation Oncology specialists – comes into play.

Imagen del dispositivo de radioterapia TrueBeam.

This versatile and innovative technology enables the experts to target even the smallest tumors with pinpoint accuracy and treat other tumors virtually anywhere entire body (called Total Body Irradiation). Our radiation oncology specialists use sophisticated imaging and radiation delivery techniques, such as RapidArc®, which deliver radiation beams focused only on the tumor from all angles around the patient’s body.

Miami Cancer Institute radiation oncologists use true-beam therapy to treat a number of cancers, including prostate, breast, brain, head and neck, lung and liver cancer.

To find out if TrueBeam Therapy may be the right therapy for you, your Miami Cancer Institute team of experts will discuss all of your treatment options with you.

With this therapy, patients are treated in the state-of-the-art Respect, Achieve and Courage TrueBeam Therapy Rooms, named to provide inspiration and hope to all patients.

Cutting Edge Treatment In One Place

Cutting Edge Treatment In One Place

Miami Cancer Institute offers one of the world’s most comprehensive and advanced radiation oncology programs, including South Florida’s first proton therapy center. We are the only cancer center in the world to offer all of the latest radiation therapies in one place, which enables us to choose what treatment is right for you.

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If you've been diagnosed with cancer, would like information about this or other radiation oncology programs, or would like a referral to our program, please give us a call.

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