Cancer and its treatment can change how you taste, swallow or chew your food and can temporarily change how your body processes nutrients. Miami Cancer Institute’s Clinical Nutrition team help you get the nutrients you need to maintain your body weight and strength, fight infection and feel better and stronger before, during and after cancer treatment.

The Clinical Nutrition Department serves all MCI outpatient areas including radiation oncology, infusion, bone marrow transplant, pediatrics, breast cancer center and all other medical oncology clinic areas. Clinical Nutrition Services include individualized nutritional assessments and interventions as well as counseling. These services are provided to patients throughout the life cycle and incorporate any and all disease processes.

Registered dietitians/nutritionists (RDN) are available to all Miami Cancer Institute patients. Some of the most common conditions requiring nutritional intervention include nutrition-related symptom management, early identification and/or prevention of malnutrition, weight management and comorbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Patients and caregivers can also learn more about proper nutrition by attending nutrition classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and celebrity chef events in our Gourmet Teaching Kitchen.

Upcoming Classes, Programs, and Events

Our clinical expertise and dedication to delivering compassionate cancer care is only part of the journey. At Miami Cancer Institute, we offer our patients and their loved ones a wide variety of educational programs including nutritional programs and support groups, in addition to countless public events taking place in and around our communities.

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    There is convincing evidence that excess body weight is associated with an increased risk for cancer of at least 13 anatomic sites, including endometrial, esophageal, renal and pancreatic adenocarcinomas; hepatocellular carcinoma; gastric cardia cancer; meningioma; multiple myeloma; colorectal, postmenopausal breast, ovarian, gallbladder and thyroid cancers.
  • Up to 50%

    It is estimated that 30-50% of all cancers are directly linked to the foods we eat, the exercise we get and how well we watch our weight (American Institute for Cancer Research).
  • 30-50%

    of all cancer cases are preventable by following a healthy diet and lifestyle, in accordance with the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) cancer prevention recommendations.
Brain Fitness Lab

Brain Fitness Lab

The goal of the Brain Fitness Lab at Miami Cancer Institute is to restore and prevent chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment in cancer patients. Cognitive remediation training has a demonstrated benefit in restoring cognitive function in cancer survivors. The Cancer Patient Support Center developed the Brain Fitness Lab to provide customized cognitive remediation training with computerized brain-training protocols and neuropsychological interventions to restore and enhance cancer survivors’ cognitive and functional outcomes.

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