• 4000

    nurses have received scholarships since the Nursing Scholar's Program
  • 3000+

    student athletes received physical exams through the Youth Athletic Outreach Program
  • 5000+

    patients were impacted by Miami Cancer Institute's Patient Navigation Program

"The generous support we receive from our donors propels our organization forward and allows us to continue to expand upon the quality care that we provide to our community each day. As a mission-driven not-for-profit organization, we are increasingly relying on philanthropy to deliver the difference between what we can do and what we must do to achieve preeminence and meet the needs of our community."

Brian E. Keeley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Baptist Health South Florida

You can count on us. Can we count on you?

You can count on us. Can we count on you?

First and foremost—stay safe by staying home. As concerned as we are for your health and safety, we also are concerned for our clinical staff, who may need to take care of you, your family member or a dear friend. Now more than ever, we are counting on donors to partner with us to meet those challenges, as our doctors and nurses work around the clock to take care of all of our patients.
That was a devastating day, the day we found out it was cancer," said Mr. Basso. "But then we thought, OK, we've got cancer, now what are we going to do?
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