A diagnosis of cancer can leave you and your family members feeling overwhelmed, confused and anxious. That’s why we have a team of oncology social workers dedicated to cancer patients and their families.

Miami Cancer Institute’s licensed clinical social workers address the psychological, social, emotional and practical needs of cancer patients and their loved ones. They collaborate with you and your family, along with our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, to ensure your overall health needs are met. This includes finding ways to ensure your quality of life remains at its best and that you are adapting well to the many challenges and changes you’re facing.

A few of the areas that our oncology social workers will assist you and your family include:

  • Helping you understanding the medical, social and family consequences that a serious disease can have.
  • Educating you and your family about available resources at Miami Cancer Institute and those offered within the community, including Social Security Disability benefits and insurance coverage options.
  • Offering home health and hospice referrals, crisis intervention programs, transportation assistance, financial support resources and bereavement counseling available near you.
  • Leading you to resources for developing advance directives.
  • Guiding you to self-care programs and counseling.
  • Advising how to effectively collaborate with your workplace or school to ease the transition out of and your return to these institutions during and after treatment.
  • Suggesting appropriate support groups that are offered at Miami Cancer Institute and others available in the community that can help you address your specific needs.
  • Directing pediatric patients and their families to local, state and national resources specifically for children with cancer.

Our social workers are the gateway to our additional psychosocial oncology resources. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the guidance you seek so you can focus on your treatment and getting well.

Brain Fitness Lab

Brain Fitness Lab

The goal of the Brain Fitness Lab at Miami Cancer Institute is to restore and prevent chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment in cancer patients. Cognitive remediation training has a demonstrated benefit in restoring cognitive function in cancer survivors. The Cancer Patient Support Center developed the Brain Fitness Lab to provide customized cognitive remediation training with computerized brain-training protocols and neuropsychological interventions to restore and enhance cancer survivors’ cognitive and functional outcomes.

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